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"The Skin You're In "...

Let's hear it for "Healthy Skin & the Joys of Lemons! 
Lemons may give wonderful lemonade, but they also are dynamos when it comes to skin care! They are widely known for their astringent and purification capabilities. Used for beauty and medicinal purposes since ancient times,   when applied topically, they are also great exfoliators! Because the pH of lemons is between 1.0 - 3.0 and skin pH normally ranges from 4.5 -5.0, when lemon juice is applied to the skin you are able to drop the pH level of skin and create an activity level effective enough to generate exfoliation. This process helps to:
  •  Reduce the build up dead skin cells
  • Clear up congested skin
  • Balance oil production  
  • Diminish lightening and brightening effects
  • Dimish fine lines and wrinkles
 In addition to the many benefits achieved by the alpha hydroxy acids, lemons are also a perfect source of Vitamin C - a skin essential nutrient. Common skin care products routinely create profucts with it for years to come.